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Does Neutrogena work?

yes. for some people no. Beware of Neutrogena Skinid. If you return your initial order, you need to call to cancel your account. Otherwise they will send another shipment and (MORE)

Does the neutrogena wave work?

I just got it 2 days ago, so im not really for sure how well it works. It says to change the pad every time you use it, but I use the same pad in the morning, and then before (MORE)

Consumer Reports on Neutrogena Wave?

Consumer reports of the Neutrogena Wave are generally positive.  Many users say that the product makes face washing fun. They also  mention that the vibrations aren't too st (MORE)

What is the neutrogena wave?

The neutrogena wave is a power cleanser that not only massages your face, but eliminates tiny blackheads and other little pimples. Some say it's a gimmick, but if you really t (MORE)
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Is neutrogena for men?

It's for men or women. It doesn't have a scent, it just helps with acne.
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