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Who is nivea?

It is a international skin and body care brand and is owned with the German company Beiersdorf.

Is nivea pregnant again?

Yes, she is. This will be her fourth child. This one is reportedly by the rapper Lil' Wayne. The other three are from her ex-husband, known as The Dream.

What does Nivea My Silhouette do?

According the the Federal Trade Commission, My Silouette does nothing; at least there is no reliable scientific evidence that it reduces or redefines one's silhouette, much le (MORE)
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Is labello the same as nivea?

Labello is really basically the same as Nivea, except for the fact that Nivea also makes cream and Labello doesn't. Labello and Nivea Lip care products also look very alike : (MORE)
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Can you use nivea cream for your lips?

yes you can!! 1: it moisturizes your lips 2: it makes them smooth you all think that the expensive ones are better! not true, maybe a little bit.
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What do people normally use Nivea for?

Nivea is a skin-care brand that offers bath,body, and face products. The current line of products that people would be using includes, Nivea Bath, Nivea Body, Nivea Lip Care, (MORE)
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Does Nivea produce antiaging products?

Nivea does in fact produce antiaging products. Nivea produces anti-wrinkle and firming cremes. Someone can purchase Nivea anti aging products online at their official site.