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Where can one purchase a Nivea visage?

The Nivea Visage product line can be bought from many places, including drug stores such as Rite Aid. Other stores that sell Nivea Visage products are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, a (MORE)
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What is Nivea cream?

It is a smooth moisturizing cream/lotion for the body.  
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Where can you buy black and white dress off of Nivea advert?

Nivea has not released where the wardrobe was purchased. A  seamstress could easily make a replica of the dress easily.
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Who is nivea?

It is a international skin and body care brand and is owned with the German company Beiersdorf.
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Lyrics nivea commercial besame con tus labios de fuego?

  Un Beso de Amor    Mirame quiero amarte sin prisa  tocame que me muero de amor  buscame sin excusa esta noche  porque me derrito al tocar tu linda piel.  (MORE)