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Where can one purchase a Nivea visage?

The Nivea Visage product line can be bought from many places, including drug stores such as Rite Aid. Other stores that sell Nivea Visage products are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, a (MORE)
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Which is better nivea or dove?

  Nivea!!! way better. perfect lotion, non greasy, non sticky, great moisturizer, absorbs right away. Just LOVE IT!
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How old are nivea three kids?

Nivea is 30 years old (March 24, 1982). Nivea married R&B singer and producer Terius "The-Dream" Nash in 2004. Their daughter Navy Talia Nash was born on May 10, 2005 and thei (MORE)
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What is Nivea cream?

It is a smooth moisturizing cream/lotion for the body.  
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Which is better nivea deodorant or dove deodorant?

I personally like Dove. Have always used it because my derm recommended it. I think it takes good care of my skin and stops my sweating. I tried Nivea but it didn't really sto (MORE)

Where can you buy black and white dress off of Nivea advert?

Nivea has not released where the wardrobe was purchased. A  seamstress could easily make a replica of the dress easily.
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Who is nivea?

It is a international skin and body care brand and is owned with the German company Beiersdorf.
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Can you use nivea cream for your lips?

yes you can!! 1: it moisturizes your lips 2: it makes them smooth you all think that the expensive ones are better! not true, maybe a little bit.
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Asian kid in nivea body wash commercial?

  This young, sexah Asian is none other than the former Franz wind-riding hero--Reckless (Jason). After selling his character and rafting his way into the women's hearts o (MORE)