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What are optical disks?

use a laser to read and write data. Optical disks have very large storage capacity but they are not fast as hard disks. There are three basic types of optical disks: CD-ROM, W (MORE)
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What is that optical density?

Optical density is the measure of the transmission of an optical medium for a given wavelength.Higher OD lower transmittence and vice versa e.g; optical density of 1 means 90% (MORE)

What is an optical fiber?

Optical fiber consist of a central core made of class or plastic which is surrounded by a cladding of material of refractive index slightly less than that of core and a protec (MORE)
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What is an optical?

Optics is the branch of science that deals with the behaviour of light. Any thing which comes under the purview of this is termed optical. for eample optical lens, optical mic (MORE)
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How are optics and optical illusions related?

Optics is the study of how light (moreso Electromagnetic Radiation) travel and interact with objects (solid state physics, electrodynamics etc.). Optical illusions deal with h (MORE)

Who is optic predator?

OpTic Predator is one of the best quickscope noscope players ever. His account unfortunatly got stolen. So he made a new one named OpTic Pred OG.
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Non-optical and optical instrument?

i think optical instrument is the instrument to study biologies that not even Using a electricity ..Like microscope and Non-optical instrument is which instrument is using a e (MORE)

What is inverted optics?

Definition: Inverted Optics (IO): This Optics is called "Inverted", Not because the Light would travel in the opposite direction, but because some important optical Components (MORE)