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What is Olay?

Olay is cream.. Quench Body Lotion. - With Shea Butter. Lasting moisturization to break the cycle of dry skin.. Quench, with Amino-Vitamins and Shea Butter, is advanced bod (MORE)
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What does Olay mean?

Its orriganally arabic but adopted by Spanish after 800 years of Arab rule in Spain, not sure on what it means though.
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What the price of olay?

OLAY prices vary greatly because they have many different lines of products now to help everyone from the younger generation, Acne problems, varying skin types and My Favorite (MORE)
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What facial products does Olay sell?

"Olay sells many facial products. They sell Pro X, Pro Clear, Regenerist, Definity, Complete, and Clensers."
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