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Target market of olay?

Olay's target market is women of all ages. It is never too early to  start taking care of your skin. They make everything from  anti-wrinkle skincare to anti-acne care.

Do you use Olay products?

Sometimes- I usually use Olay, Pantene, or Dove.  But Olay is SO GOOD it's the best  Dove's smells good though...:)
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Why does Olay test on animals?

They use animals because its illegal to use humans. Even though they want to develop a beauty/skin product for people they test them on animals that have similar genetics to u (MORE)

Who is the model in the Olay commercial?

The model in the Olay commercial is Jane Seymour. Seymour was an  avid model before acting in television shows and movies. Known for  her beautiful skin and long brown hair, (MORE)
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How effective is the Olay Regenerist product?

The Olay Regenerist is an effective anti-aging product that regenerates the skin's appearance. The effectiveness of the product may sometimes vary on the user, however.
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