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What s-p-o-r-t stands for?

"s-p-o-r-t" is an acronym for quite a few things, the link below will show the various meanings.
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What words can be made from these letters p o n t m a s?

P O N T M A S . as, an, at, am, ant, atom, . mat, map, mast, most, moan, . no, not, nap, . pan, pots, pat, post, past, . stop, spat, stomp, snot, soap, snap, span, son, ( Full Answer )
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What do the letters p a s t o r stand for?

The word "pastor" is used as an acronym in "A Pastor's Heart", an appreciation poem written by Deanna Malawy. Please see the Related Link below for a page where the poem can b ( Full Answer )
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How many words can be made from letter p h i l a n t h r o p i s t?

I came up with 1,050 words: AH AI AL AN AR AS AT HA HI HO IN IS IT LA LI LO NA NO OH ON OP OR OS PA PI SH SI SO TA ( Full Answer )
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What words can you make out of the letters c o n s t a n t i n o p o l e?

in, an, a, tin, constant, ant, on, cone, cot, cost, nest, onto, pool, cool, tool, soot, not, pot, lot, stain, coin, ton, constant, loot, state, pole, police, sit, sat, scan, i ( Full Answer )