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What is the ultimate answer?

i think that the ultimate answer is the sausage. who cant go wrong with a sausage. if your a vegetarian then how about a onion?
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Why does a guniea pig pur?

\n. \nit purrs because it is happy and feels safe and relaxed and comfortable\n. \n. \n. \nOR it could be scared from a loud noise or sudden movement
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Why do domestic cats pur?

It is a form of communication and it can mean many different things. He/She may just want to sit in your lap, or get some attention, but they may want you to go feed them. The ( Full Answer )
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Do pugs pur?

Pugs are a distinctive breed of small dog. Generally, dogs do notpurr. Cats, on the other hand, do purr.
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Why and how do cats pur?

Cats purr as a way to communicate, this usually means they're happy but sometimes a purring cat can mean a problem. You can usually tell if its a good purr or bad by when it s ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell pur?

The answer can be per as in miles per hour or purr as in the sound cats make.
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Do hedgehogs pur?

I had a pet wild baby Hedgehog when I was a child, and I don't recall it making any noises at all. It lived in my back yard in the wild. I used to feed it daily with bread soa ( Full Answer )
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Does a cat purring have 20 decibels?

This varies from cat to cat. I have had cats that don't purr at all and some that purr quite loudly. I would not be surprised if my current kitten purred at least 20 dB.
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Why don't my kitten pur?

maybe your cat doesn't pur because she doesnt get enough attention or doesnt like the attention you are giving her. my cat purs when she is happy and is being cuddled not when ( Full Answer )
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What is a word that starts with pur?

Purchase, purblind, pure cultures, purest, purfles, purifications, purificatory, purist, Puritan State, purity, purloin, purplish, purposefulness