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Who sings the song on the Pantene ad?

For the pantene shine commercial the singer's name is Natasha Bedingfield. The song is Unwritten Lyrics. No its not your talking about the Canadian pantene pro v nature fus (MORE)
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What is pantene shampoo?

Pantene shampoo is a name brand shampoo found in the store. It is a  little more expensive than cheaper brands.

Does Pantene make hair fall out?

It can. I have read stories about women who used pantene and it damaged their hair a lot and some even fell out. Pantene does not repair your damaged or dry hair. It does no (MORE)
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Is Pantene shampoo bad for your hair?

Well, a lot of people say that it's bad for you because it has wax in it (better known as dimethicone, or silicone), and then they recommend you a bunch of other ridiculously (MORE)
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Why is Pantene bad for your hair?

Pantene isnt bad for your hair. Pantene only coats your hair (like an oil) which is why your hair goes so soft and un-tangled after used also you might find your hair gets gre (MORE)
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Which shampoo is better dove or pantene?

if u die your hair with kool aid it won't come out until u wash it *edit* That is totally unrelated to the topic. Basically most shampoo formula's are the same, whether you p (MORE)

Can you get high on pantene?

No. Best to stop looking for ways to get "high" and get on with your education so you can get a good job rather than living life as a homeless junkie riddled with health comp (MORE)