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What is the highest level of base pay for paygrade O-10 in the US Military?

Original: The base pay for an O-7 (US Navy Admiral, US Army, Air Force, Marine Corps Brigadeer General) is $ 7,553.10 per month. At the top of the paygrade is O-10 (US Navy Fl ( Full Answer )
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What is the paygrade for an E1?

E1 is the paygrade. The rank of an E1 is private, the insignia -- well, there is none, no stripes, no rockers.. Are you asking, "What is the pay received by an E1?" If so, th ( Full Answer )

What is NCIS agent DiNozzo's paygrade?

In one episode, Kate asks Tony whether his pay grade is GS-9 or GS-11, but he declines to answer. As a senior Special Agent however, he is probably a GS-11. With locality pay, ( Full Answer )
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What are the navy pay grades and jobs associated with each paygrade?

Military pay grades are identical across the service and are not associated, typically with MOS or Rating. Paygrade is a matter of rank, time in service, and hazard of duty. W ( Full Answer )
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What is the highest paygrade one can graduate basic training with?

In the Army, it's E4 (Specialist). Prior service personnel, or persons with a four year college degree are able to enlist with this rank/grade. However, once you report to you ( Full Answer )
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What is paygrade YB-02?

Paygrade YB-02 is roughly equivalent to a GS 7 through GS 10 position and specific classification is further based on the duties and responsibilities of the particular positio ( Full Answer )