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What happened to the Carteret Savings Bank?

Looks like it was purchased or otherwise absorbed by Boiling Springs Savings Bank. Seems like the date was about 1986 or so. Hmmmm "BOILING SPRINGS" sounds like a suitable pla (MORE)

What did Phillip Carteret accomplish?

There are a number of possibilities, the closest are as follows: Carteret, Philip,(Govenor) . 1639-82, first colonial governor of New Jersey. Carteret, commissioned by th (MORE)

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How old is John Carteret?

John Carteret was born on April 22, 1690 and died on January 22, 1763. John Carteret would have been 72 years old at the time of death or 325 years old today.
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What has the author Philip Carteret Webb written?

Philip Carteret Webb has written: 'Some observations on the late determination for discharging Mr. Wilkes from his commitment to the Tower of London' 'A state of facts in (MORE)