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How is soccer played?

Rules of soccer Soccer is played by one team trying to get to the goal to make a shot to gain points. The game is usually played with 9-12 people per team, and the team is m (MORE)

What do you do in playing soccer?

Well it depends what u want to know...   Goalie: You try to save the ball In a little net behind you and you try to save the ball so the opposing team does not get a goal. (MORE)

How do you play soccer?

Soccer, or Association Football as it's known world-wide (sometimes just called "football", see related questions) is a game played with a spherical ball kicked with the foot (MORE)

Can you use elbows playing soccer?

Well there are two parts- If you arm is away from your body (outstretched, then no, unless you are a goalkeeper. If you arm is by you side (so if it wasn't there it would hi (MORE)
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How do you play right wing in soccer?

your job as a wing back is to be there to support your strikers, midfield and defencive players. you need to be able to push forward when your team is attacking and you need t (MORE)

Is it ok if you have diarrhea and you play soccer?

If you can't leave the toilet, then stay home. But if it happens every couple hours, has stopped, and/or your stomach feels okay, then it would be your choice to go. You can a (MORE)

How played soccer?

Soccer is played when you have a ball and a human when u  hv som friends it helps to play soccer with some friends and that  is  funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (MORE)

What US presidents played soccer?

I am not aware that any US Presidents played soccer. Certainly noneplayed at a very high level .
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