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Who was the first president of the Republic of the Philippines?

Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo (1869 - 1964) was proclaimed president in 1897, but he was never elected, internationally recognized, or even controlled Manila. Manuel Quezon, who bec (MORE)
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Does Poland have a president?

Yes, Poland is a republic with a president as the head of state and  the supreme representative of the Polish nation in the  international arena. Other than that, president (MORE)
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When did Poland become a republic?

  Poland regain its independence in 1918.In 1920 Poland recaptured Warsaw from Russia.In 1921 Poland became republic
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Who is the President of Poland?

Bronislaw Maria Komorowski is the President of Poland. The Prime Minister is Donald Tusk. Komorowski first became the acting president of Poland as Marshal of the Sejm, afte (MORE)