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Does hypnosis help you quit smoking?

Yes, hypnosis can help you quit smoking. This hypnosis stop smoking program uses a brainwave entrainment technique It has been found that people with addictive personalities (MORE)
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Benefits of quitting smoking?

There are numerous benefits of quitting smoking. It doesn't matter  how long you have been smoking for, how bad your health is. The  benefits are major and immediate.   (MORE)

What to take after quiting smoking weed?

DRINK WATER AND STAY AWAY FROM ANY TEMPTING THINGS LIKE ALCOHOL OR  ANY KIND OF CIGARETTES   Answer2: After quitting smoking be motivated never to smoke again.  Start wa (MORE)

When did Paul McCartney quit smoking?

  Paul McCartney quit smoking around 1981. He was on holiday with his family, and one of his children took sick or was injured. He had to run on foot about two miles to ge (MORE)

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Excess mucus after quit smoking?

Smoking suppresses the action of the mechanisms that normally rid the lungs of mucous, and a lot of garbage builds up in there. Getting rid of it after quitting is normal and (MORE)

When did barack obama quit smoking?

Like many people with an addiction to cigarettes, he tried many times to quit. But in February 2011, he was finally successful, and according to his wife, he is still a non-sm (MORE)

Can you quit smoking with no stop smoking aides?

yes. i mean, it'll be harder, and take more will power, but it is possible   Update:   Yes, it is possible to quit smoking without any support from exterior but as menti (MORE)
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Is quitting smoking worth it?

  Absolutely! You are healthier, wealthier, and smell nicer. And to many people, any addiction is a sign of weakness so those with the strength to quit prove their mental (MORE)