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Does hypnosis help you quit smoking?

Yes, hypnosis can help you quit smoking. This hypnosis stop smoking program uses a brainwave entrainment technique It has been found that people with addictive personalities (MORE)
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Benefits of quitting smoking?

There are numerous benefits of quitting smoking. It doesn't matter  how long you have been smoking for, how bad your health is. The  benefits are major and immediate.   (MORE)

Why did Dwight Eisenhower quit smoking?

He was advised by his physician to cut down from 4 packs a day to 1 pack a day. He decided counting cigarettes was too distracting, and decided to quit, "cold turkey".
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What are your odds of quitting smoking?

  its not about odds its about will power. and for an aid there are patches
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Excess mucus after quit smoking?

Smoking suppresses the action of the mechanisms that normally rid the lungs of mucous, and a lot of garbage builds up in there. Getting rid of it after quitting is normal and (MORE)

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Can you quit smoking with no stop smoking aides?

yes. i mean, it'll be harder, and take more will power, but it is possible   Update:   Yes, it is possible to quit smoking without any support from exterior but as menti (MORE)
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Is quitting smoking worth it?

  Absolutely! You are healthier, wealthier, and smell nicer. And to many people, any addiction is a sign of weakness so those with the strength to quit prove their mental (MORE)
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Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

1. When you smoke, nicotine is sent to your brain where it attaches  to nicotine receptors. 2. a chemical called dopamine is released,  making you feel good. 3. Then, your d (MORE)

How to quit smoking cold turkey?

Per Awake article on; if you want to quit smoking you must  have a strong motivation. Strngthen your motivation by considering  how much better you will feel if you q (MORE)