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Does Redken still make Phinal Phase?

  No, pHinal pHase was pHased-out during their acquisition by cosmair (The L'Oreal Company)
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Any product similar to Redken Phinal Phase?

Wella makes an acid rinse called perfomance plus. It's a little thicker but does the same thing.
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How do you use redken rough paste?

Pump a small amount onto finger tips and rub hands together. Using just your finger tips, apply product lightly to ends of the hair to give definition and separation when hair (MORE)
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How long do you leave redken shades e q on your hair?

20 mins on towel dried hair as per manufacturers instructions. I've left it on as long as 40 mins with no adverse results.
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What is SHADES EQ by redken?

Shades EQ is Redken's demi-permanent hair color. It has very tiny, trace levels of ammonia in it, so it is not damaging to the hair. This is great for correcting, depositing, (MORE)