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What is a 'femme fatale'?

A femme fatale is a dangerous woman, often mysterious and seductive. More specifically, she is an alluring and seductive woman whose charms, beauty and sexual allure ensnar (MORE)

Why was she a 'femme sole'?

In early modern England, married women were considered femme covert, literally, covered by her husband. As such she had no legal or economic rights. A femme sole was a woman (MORE)
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What does the phrase rencontre en ligne mean?

Recontre en ligne is the French term for Online Dating. It is used to refer to the various online dating websites available, such as eHarmony and others.
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Where is rencontre femme located?

Rencontre Femme, is not an actual location at all. It is simply a French term that in English translates to Meet Women. It is just a phrase on some French dating sites.