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What is basic research?

Basic research is also called pure or fundamental research. It is a  kind of researching that has a practical end goal, products in mind  or specific applications because it (MORE)

What is explicative research?

According to Antônio Carlos Gil ("Como elaborar projetos de pesquisa", 4th edition, Ed. Atlas, 2009, p.42): "A research is said to be explicative when its central point is t (MORE)

What are the classifications of research?

Research is an intensive study, that is done on any subject. There are different classifications of research: 1. Basic research 2. Quantitative research 3. Descriptive researc (MORE)

What is researchability?

It's the question of whether it is possible to do research on a particular subject. Some questions are too ill-defined or based on information which cannot be verified objecti (MORE)

What is research?

   Research is defined as human activity based on intellectual application in the investigation of matter. The primary aim for applied research is discovering, interpret (MORE)

What is the purpose of research?

Types of research are: 1. Exploratory This type of research investigates an area or issue on which little previous work has been carried out. In an organisational setting it (MORE)

What is conventional research?

Conventional research involves making a statement and then using  books and other guides available in the home or the local library  to prove the statement true or false. Co (MORE)

In what research will you use qualitative research?

You can use qualitative research to any many questions in business,  social science, marketing, and more. The important part is  determining whether qualitative research wil (MORE)

What are business research and market research?

Business Research is primarily to understand the business goals and  key performance indicators, i.e. how the particular industry or  business is performing and shaping up. (MORE)