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How is Jontue perfume by Revlon described?

The Jontue perfume line by Revlon is most of the time described as a floral perfume. The official fragrance notes are fresh citrus, musk, sandalwood and soft floral notes. The (MORE)

Is lead in revlon lipsticks?

No. Some small-scale studies by a group called the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found trace amounts of lead in certain lipsticks but Revlon was not one of them. L'Oreal Colour (MORE)
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What does revlon own?

Revlon owns Revlon and Almay makeup, Ultima II skincare, Mitchum deodorants, Charlie perfumes, Revlon hair color and various products (irons, dryers, brushes, etc.) in the U.S (MORE)

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Who sells Revlon Hair Products?

Helen of troy manufactures and distributes them to drugstores and chain stores in the United States (if you mean hair dryers, curling irons and such.) Revlon Inc manufactures (MORE)

Are the revlon lip butters lipstick?

They are half way between a tinted lipbalm, a lipgloss and a lipstick. The darker / more vibrant colours (e.g. Red Velvet, Candy Apple) seem to be more opaque, where as some o (MORE)
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What are the ingredients in Revlon Color-Silk?

Colorant Contains: Aqua (Water), Oleic Acid, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ethanolamine, PEG-2 Soyamine, Lauramide MEA, p-Phenylenediamine, Lauryl Pyrrolidone, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, So (MORE)
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Is Revlon Inc eco-friendly?

Yes, their nail polishes are made without DBP, toluene or formaldehyde. Also their factory is located in the United States so it must comply with US environmental regulation.
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