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What is the slogan of Revlon?

Revlon as an entire company doesn't have a slogan, instead each line has its own. Some of the slogans are: "It's worth a double take" (DoubleTwist mascara 2009) "Find your per (MORE)

Is Revlon in debt?

I work with Revlon and can say that the brand definitely is not in debt. Holding great growth on last year. Revlon also owns the brands ALMAY, FLEX, MITCHUM and they too are v (MORE)
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How did revlon get its name?

Charles Revson founded Revlon with Charles Lachman. Revlon's name comes from Charles Revson's name with the S replaced with an L for Lachman.
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Where did revlon originate?

In the United States, first in New York City with the factory in New Jersey.
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What does revlon stand for?

It's from the names of the founders, the REVsON brothers and an L for Charles Lachman.
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Who invented revlon?

Charles Haskell Revson founded the company in 1932, along with his brothers Joseph and Martin Revson and a chemist named Charles Lachman. Revlon is a combination of REVsON and (MORE)
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What does Revlon make?

Revlon does everything from foundation, eyeline, mascara, blush, concelar, ect. to nail polish, brushes and tweezers. They have a wide variety of great products.
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Who are Revlon Stakeholders?

Project stakeholders are individuals and organizations whose interests are affected (positively or negatively) by the project execution and completion. In other words, a proje (MORE)