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Does new roc city have bed bugs? roc has no more bedbugs after a search of the place. they sprayed chemicals just in case so it is safe as of october 20,2010.
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Is roc royal from mindless behavior single?

Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior is single....Princeton, Prodigy, and Ray Ray are also single but they annouced in the interview with Crystal that they are looking for their # (MORE)

Is kyla roc royals sister?

no it is not roc royals sister kyla is a close family friend from roc royals dad side :) ps: roc royal is my hubby for life :P HAHAHA
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How much is an roc m1 carbine worth?

It depends on the serial number which is probably under the ROC, if it is beat up, and it was ever restored. Please re-ask the question and be more decriptive.
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