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Can you have an STD if your STD tests were negative?

Did you just have one test for STDs? You would need to have at least two tests, three months apart to be sure. Some STDs take some time to develop. . Answer . You are n (MORE)

Can you get an STD from a pillow?

You will not get STDs from a pillow. no but you should stop having sex with your pillow anyway. it just ain't right. THATS MEAN^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SOME (MORE)

Can you get an STD from Facebook?

First thing, What the heck? Are you high?! Secondly, No you can not. Its a flipping website. Your not having sex with a website, and if you are you need serious mental help. T (MORE)

Why are STDs on Earth?

Why are any diseases on Earth? They may have evolved as rathercruel population controls, but the short answer is that probably,no-one really knows
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Can you get an STD?

i think anybody can get a std if your partner gets infected or boyfriend or girl friend might have picked up the std you might see it a week later just depends Yes. If you hav (MORE)

What STDs are not treatable?

All STDs can be treated, but not all can be cured. The viral STDs, such as genital warts and genital herpes, can be treated to reduce symptoms, but no cure is available.
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Is it correct to say have you had a std or an STD?

They are both technically right, but the majority of people would say 'an' STD. When talking about something that begins with a vowel-sounding letter, we tend to use 'an' - it (MORE)
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How do i no i have std?

You will need to see a gynecologist so they can do testing becausethere are many different types of STDs. Some such as HIV/AIDS willtake years for symptoms to occur. If it is (MORE)