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What is an STI?

A Sexually Transmitted Infection can be transferred into somebody else by having sex. it cannot be trensferred through a needle because then it will not be SEXUALLY transmitte (MORE)

What are STIs and STDs?

STD stands for S exually T ransmitted D isease. Some of them are not only transmitted sexually, but in other ways too. Some STDs include AIDS/HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hea (MORE)

Is it STD or STI?

Both mean more or less the same thing. One stands for "sexually transmitted disease", the other for "sexually transmitted infection". Although you might argue that you can hav (MORE)
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What are sties?

Also known as an external hordeolum, a stye is an infection or small abscess formation within the hair follicle glands on the free edge of the eyelid.

Is bv a STI?

No, and yes. Bacterial Vaginosis is an overgrowth in harmful bacteria in the vagina, it doesn't require sexual contact to contract Bacterial Vaginosis as it can occur whenev (MORE)