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What do satellites do?

"Natural Satellites" Circle around larger, more massive objects (the Earth is technically a satellite of the Sun, and the Moon is a natural satellite of the Earth). Artific ( Full Answer )
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What is satellites?

Sattelites are things which orbit (go around) planets, moons, stars or other objects in space. The earth is a sattelite of the sun, the sun is a sattelite of the supermassive ( Full Answer )
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What is carrier?

it is a person who have one reccessive and 1 domanite allele for a trait
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What is in a satellite?

In a Satellite In a satellite it is programed with: . 50 different languages . Pictures from earth . Sounds from earth I hope I have helped you about satellites!
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What a carrier?

In naval jargon, a carrier is an Aircraft Carrier. The aircraft carrier REPLACED the battleship as a capital warship.
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What can a satellite do?

A satellite transmits and receives transmitted signals sent bybroadcasters to provide information to accessing areas. it looks atstars and the moon. it tells the scientists wh ( Full Answer )
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Why are female carriers?

Females carry two X chromosomes; males only carry one. A female carrier carries a defective recessive allele for a gene on the X chromosome. Thus, the female will not be affec ( Full Answer )
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What are lipid carriers?

lipids being insoluble in water are transported in the body in the form of lipoproteins. These lipoproteins transport lipids from the intestine and the liver to the locations ( Full Answer )
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Do satellites have satellites?

Satellite is probably the most useful invention since the wheel. Satellites have the capability to let you talk with someone across the nation or let you close a busines ( Full Answer )