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Why does your computer need a Screen-saver?

Computers these days do not need a screen saver at all, the monitors and screens have developed since the start. Originally the screens used to be CRT green screens which disp ( Full Answer )
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How do you disable a screen saver?

If you have Vista, go to your desktop and click your right mouse button. A menu will pop up, and the bottom option is "Personalize". Click that option, and a window will pop u ( Full Answer )
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What is computer screen saver?

A screensaver is a type of computer program initially designed to prevent phosphor burn-in on CRT and plasma computer monitors by blanking the screen or filling it with movi ( Full Answer )
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Why should you have a screen saver?

because it expresses your self and shows things that you like and doesn't look dull.
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How do you get a screen saver on a PS vita?

The PSVita does not support screen savers. The Vita is designed to go into sleep mode automatically, which will turn the screen off after a user-defined amount of time.
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What does a screen saver do?

Screen saver do some animation on the screen if we don't press pour keybord por move the mouse.
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What is the benefit for using a screen saver?

They're not that vital with modern screens - but... in older 'CRT'screens, It stops whatever you're viewing being 'burned' onto thescreen. Additionally, it also protects your ( Full Answer )