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Is tramadol tested in a drug test?

It depends, but in nearly all cases no, it isn't. Tramadol is converted to O-Desmethyltramadol in your liver. They would have to include a specific test for O-Desmethyltramado (MORE)

Is haemoglobin test a sugar test?

Not exactly, but it is part of the diabetes tests as it shows whether your diabetes is controlled effectively. Haemoglobin is the red pigment which gives the colour to your b (MORE)

Does a blood test test for anemia?

A simple and common blood test used to test for anemia is CBC or the complete blood count. Technically you do not even need a CBC to just test for anemia. A simple Hemoglobin (MORE)

What does Benedict's Test provide or test for?

Benedict's test estimates on color scale the presence of sugar .Normally used as a random pathological chemical test to determine the presence of sugar in urine in diabetes pa (MORE)

Types of testing in software testing?

Well it generally depends on what approach you want to take in the testing. What we think generally as the testing is the Black box testing and white box testing. Black box (MORE)

What is sanity testing in software testing?

A  sanity test or  sanity check is a basic test to quickly verify if the  fixes in code or functionality are working as expected or not.  Detailed level testing is not p (MORE)