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What is health?

"Health" is not absence of disease, nor is it a state of well-being. A person might have a disability or a condition that is not technically a disease, but the person may not (MORE)

Can you take your landlord to court and win for not repairing problems in our unit that are causing you poor health symptoms?

Yes -but. . . You must have documentation to prove that: A) The poor health symptoms are caused by the problems in the unit B) That you have repeatedly informed the landlord a (MORE)
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Why is sexual health important?

It is very important. There are chances of getting genital sexually transmitted diseases. But there are ways to treat or cure most of them. There's a misconception that curi (MORE)

What are Symptoms of Sexual Addiction?

There are so many different types of sexual addiction. The best way to find out if it is a problem is to take the free Sexual Addiction Screening Test on That (MORE)
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What symptoms signal a major injury that requires treatment from professional health services?

This really depends on the nature of the injury. If this is a physical injury, it is important to see a professional quickly if you are concerned! I assume that this is someth (MORE)
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What is my sexuality?

Your preference which only you know decides that, unless you are  looking for definition then specify
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Which age group is most likely to feel invulnerable to serious health conditions and ignore important signs and symptoms?

Young Adults: 21 to 39 years   The need for regular check-ups, and preventive exams should be emphasized to minimize the risk of issues like heart disease and cancer. Ris (MORE)