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What is in a vaccine that makes the vaccine effective?

Pieces (or synthetic pieces) of the disease causing organism called antigens that can be recognized by the immune system as something that does not belong in the body. This pr (MORE)

How do antibiotics and vaccines contribute to health?

They can treat bacterial infections (antibiotics), prevent infections by viruses (viral vaccines) and prevent infections from a limited number of bacteria (bacterial vaccines (MORE)
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What is PVC Vaccine?

a vaccine that protects against pneumonia & meningitis. it is typically given to infants and the elderly, both of which are very susceptible to these illnesses.
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What do vaccines contain?

Vaccines contain a substance called antigen. Antigen makes the body react and produce protection. Vaccines may contain different forms of antigen. Vaccines may be made from we (MORE)

What is in a vaccine that makes a vaccine effective?

A vaccine is basically made of a small amount of the disease-causing organism, either inert/inactive/in pieces or alive but attenuated (weakened so it can not make you sick), (MORE)

Why do you have vaccinations?

  Vaccination introduce small amount of a disease to your body so that your natural immune systems builds anti-bodies and such to fight the disease. This makes your immune (MORE)
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Is there a vaccine for adenovirus?

Not exactly. Adenovirus is a family of 40 different virus' that each cause severe cold-like symptoms. At one time the military did in fact have a vaccine and routinely immuniz (MORE)

Do you have to get the polio vaccine?

Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) can prevent polio. A 1916 polio epidemic in the United States killed 6,000 people and paralyzed 27,000 more. In the early 1950's there were mor (MORE)

Is there a vaccine for shingles?

This is a very good question. Looks simple, but very difficult to  answer. There is a vaccine available for shingles. You should take  it, if you can afford the same, when y (MORE)

Should employers pay for flu or H1N1 09 Vaccines for health care workers?

Yes if there are costs, the employer should pay for the protection of the employee from getting sick when working with contagious patients, as well as for the protection of pa (MORE)