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What is sexual exclusivity?

Sexual exclusivity is the state in which one person is available only to certain persons, or even just one person. For instance, in Christian marriages the couple are sexual e (MORE)

Are dogs sexual?

Dogs have a sexual drive. They act on instinct and drive only. The female canine can accept or reject her mate, the male will breed with any female he can that is in heat.
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What is pan-sexual?

In essence, it spoke of pan-sexuality as a form of falling for someone , the person they are, without seeing their gender or race. I guess you could say that it is a form of b (MORE)

What is sexual propagation?

Sexual propagation is a process by which plants reproduce, in which pollen from one plant fertilizes the ovary or ovaries from another, producing one or more seeds. It can be (MORE)

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Why we get pain?

I am not a doctor but I can give you a simple and short answer to this question that I find has infinite knowledge behind it. Pain is the way your body tells you something is (MORE)

What is a rash with reddish raised bumps and no pain located an inch away from the genitals and your sexual partner is STD free?

  If you find out please let me know, mine arent raised but they came from no where and they have been there for almost 2 months no pain, itch or anything... they are just (MORE)

What is sexual fragmentation?

Fragmentation is a means of asexual reproduction in which a single  parent breaks into parts that regenerate into whole new  individuals. Starfish use fragmentation and rege (MORE)
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What is sexually reproduction?

the sexually reproduction is the reproduction in which the two gametes are involve .the male gamete and the female gamete are involve in sexual reproduction.male testes produc (MORE)