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What are the symptoms of a throat infection?

Throat infection (sore throat/pharyngitis) may be acute(rapid onset, short duration) or chronic. Symptoms of acute pharyngitis or throat infection may occur as follows:mild in (MORE)

How are viral infections transmitted?

Viral transmitted from one host to another via horizontal transmission and vertical transmission. Vertical transmission: transfer of virus from mother to fetus/baby. The vir (MORE)

What are the symptoms of a urinary infection in people?

Symptoms of Urinary Track Infections or bladder infection are not easy to miss and include a strong urge to urinate that cannot be delayed, which is followed by a sharp pain o (MORE)
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How do infective agents can be transmitted to a person?

Infective agents can be transferred to people through inhalation, absorption or injection. Infections are often spread through droplet transmission as found in a sneeze. The (MORE)