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How are viral infections transmitted?

Viral transmitted from one host to another via horizontal transmission and vertical transmission. Vertical transmission: transfer of virus from mother to fetus/baby. The vir (MORE)
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How is Staphylococcus Aureus Infection transmitted?

S. aureus is transmitted by direct contact with infected wound pus, skin to skin contact and contact with other objects (counter top, hand towels, ect.) that have been touched (MORE)

Can a yeast infection affect pregnancy test?

No, because the pregnancy test tests for the level of a specific pregnancy hormone, hCG, which would be in your urine or blood. Yeast infections are an overgrowth of Candidias (MORE)

Can a dog who has bitten a person and not transmitted rabies infect another person they bite later?

  This question is rather confusing. However, if a dog is biting people this much, the dog needs attention of some kind. If a dog bites someone, there is probably a law in (MORE)
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Can yeast infections be transmitted through swimming pool?

It's very unlikey that a yeast infection will be spread through a  swimming pool, as the chlorine will kill any harmful bacteria. Keep  in mind however that wearing a wet ba (MORE)
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How do infective agents can be transmitted to a person?

Infective agents can be transferred to people through inhalation, absorption or injection. Infections are often spread through droplet transmission as found in a sneeze. The (MORE)