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Does Shiseido test on animals?

  Shiseido most definitely test on animals. For cruelty-free companies, you can get lists at
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Where can one purchase Shiseido makeup online?

Shiseido is a really popular make up brand. A great place to purchase this name brand, make up product would be at Sephora. Sephora has a huge selection of make up products th (MORE)

Does Shiseido Cosmetice still have a warehouse sale in NJ?

  Answer   Shiseido does still have a warehouse sale in New Jersey, but it is now a ticketed event and you can only get a ticket through a friend or family member who (MORE)

Is Aveeno better or Shiseido?

This depends on what product you are buying. I would say that they are fairly even in terms of effectiveness. However, Shiseido is a far bigger corporation and is considered t (MORE)

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