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What is cessation in a sentence?

Cessation is a noun.    An example sentence would be "Johnny decided to join the smoking  cessation program at school after his father was diagnosed with  lung cancer (MORE)

What is the smoking?

  Breathing in substances other than fresh air causes harm to the breathing system.Smoking from tobacco causes many problems.   The smoke contains particles that irrita (MORE)
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What does smoking do to you?

The harmful effects of smoking include:    Every year hundreds of thousands of people around the world die  from diseases caused by smoking cigarettes - Smoking KILLS. (MORE)
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The cessation of heart activity is called?

It is known as cardiac arrest, and it refers to the ceasing of all cardiovascular activity, in which you are almost certainly going to die within the next few minutes.
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What can smoking do to you?

Smoking can really harm your lungs and make them black if you smoke too much. This is due to the build up of tar in the lungs which will eventually lead to lung cancer. -- (MORE)

What does cessation mean?

It is a noun that means the quitting, ending or ceasing of something. It is used frequently in regards to quitting smoking.
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