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What is a sous chef?

they "assist"the actual chef. A Sous Chef is second in command after the Executive Chef in a professional kitchen. This means he or she answers to the chef, but also has s (MORE)
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What is a Sioux chief or sous-chef?

Answer . A Sioux chief would be the leader of a tribe among the many tribes of the great Sioux nation. There was many chiefs among the Sioux nations across North America.
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What is sous vide?

sous vide . means cooking under a vacuum You vacuum bag it, and then you stick it in an Thermal Immersion Circulator to precisely control the temperature. All the juices (MORE)
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What is the Sous chef salary?

30k+, french brigade system has died long time ago. because of fast food franchises offering tastier and cheaper food. but if you get trusted by manager you will get paid 20$ (MORE)
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How do you sous vide?

It is a cooking method where you immerse vacuum sealed food into water to slow cook it to a desired temperature. There is a thermometer in the water and another in the food. T (MORE)
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What does sous as in sous-chef mean?

It means under, so it means under chef because typically the sous chef works directly under the executive chef who runs the kitchen.
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What does sou sou mean?

There are TWO extremely different meanings for this term. 1) Traditional Caribbean Economics - The sou-sou is a private savings-and-loan plan among several individuals (MORE)
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What is un sou?

This can be found on early tokens from"Bank of The People Montreal". Minted around 1830's
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What is the difference between a sous chef and executive sous chef?

A "Sous Chef" answers directly to and assists the Head Chef or Executive Chef of a usually smaller restaurant. When you start getting into large hotels, resorts and what have (MORE)
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What is the opposite of sous?

Sous means under, but I'm not sure what's over. maybe search for awhile on google