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What is the easiest way to stop smoking?

You could go to a doctor and ask them for ways to stop smoking. He might suggest nicotine patches, puffers and other ways to suppress your addiction. One thing to note is that (MORE)
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How can you stop someone from drinking and smoking?

  You can support someone in their decision to quit, and encourage them if they find it difficult, but they have to want to stop themselves too. If you are also a smoker / (MORE)

How does Wellbutrin help you stop smoking?

It is an anti-depressant that limits the desire to smoke.  It's not a cure-all pop a pill and you never want to smoke again kind of thing.  You also have to actively wish to (MORE)
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Best way to stop smoking?

There are many ways, all of which work for different people. You can try nicotine patches, puffers, going cold turkey, joining a help group or even hypnotism. When you get t (MORE)

Can you quit smoking with no stop smoking aides?

yes. i mean, it'll be harder, and take more will power, but it is possible   Update:   Yes, it is possible to quit smoking without any support from exterior but as menti (MORE)
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If you stop smoking weed will you have a baby?

There is no evidence to my knowledge to indicate a connection between marijuana consumption and female infertility, however there seems to be a connection where males are conc (MORE)