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Use of sunsilk shampoo?

  I've heard that Sun Silk shampoo is to make your hair more soft to the the touch than before which makes it "silky".

Swot analysis of sunsilk shampoo products?

The strengths are the online growth, loyal customers, pricing, and  unique products. The weaknesses are bad communication and weak  management. Opportunities are innovation, (MORE)
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How do you use sunsilk?

I am guessing that you are talking about a shampoo and conditioner brand?   On the back of the bottle it will have instructions:     Wet the hair     apply a (MORE)
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Why can't I find Sunsilk shampoo in stores anymore?

It was totally a business decision. Retail chains in the US like  Walmart and Target rent their shelves to manufacturers. If  something isn't popular enough to sell huge qua (MORE)