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Where is Sweden?

Sweden is a sovereign state in northern Europe on the Scandinavian peninsula. It lies between Norway (to the west) and Finland (to the east). The Baltic Sea connects Sweden t (MORE)
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What is Sweden?

Sweden is a souvereign state in the north of Europe on the peninsula of Scandinavia. It borders to Norway and Finland on land. It borders to those countries over seas: Denmark (MORE)
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Why is Sweden called Sweden?

It is called "Sverige". Sweden is just an English translation. The word "Sverige" is formed by two other words, "Svea" which is an old name for one of the old nations formi (MORE)

How do you say Sweden in Sweden?

Sverige (Sv-air-ye) - note that it has two syllables, not three, and the "air" bit is not a diphthong. It appears to be extremely difficult for non-Swedes to pronounce this, (MORE)
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When was Sweden fonded and by who?

Sweden, much like most old-world countries, wasn't founded butrather evolved. However, one could make an argument that the modernSweden came about in 1523, with creation of Gu (MORE)
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Where can you sail in Sweden?

Where there's wind. We don't have that many hidden places for sailing, but the High Coast (Höga Kusten) is very beautiful.
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Are there hobos in Sweden?

Yes there are. However we have extensive governent funded programs to prevent this. So you really have to put in a hard effort to become one.
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Are there snakes in Sweden?

there are only two species of snakes in Sweden the European viper (Huggorm) is the one with stripes on. It can be black, brown and a few other colors, some are black with grey (MORE)
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How are you in Sweden?

Fine, thank you - and you, wherever you are? Hur mår du? (how areyou feeling?) Hur har du det? (how is life?)