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What are traditions of Syrian?

Syria is a country rich with traditions. Annual festive traditionsinclude the Traditional Festival, the Bosra Festival, theInternational Flower Fair, and the Damascus Internat ( Full Answer )
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What is a Syrian donkey?

Just the same as any donkey.. but it is more used to withstanding warmer weather conditions. or
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Where is the Syrian Desert?

The Syrian Desert is located in southern Syria and western Iraq. Itstretches into part of northern Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Thesecountries are all in Southwest Asia. . Southe ( Full Answer )
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What do Syrians eat?

Syrians eat a variety of foods that are common in the middle east.They eat hummus, shish kebab, stuffed grape leaves, and eggplant.
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What color is Syrian?

Syrian hamsters aka golden hamsters, come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and fur lengths. All of the larger hamsters (about the size of a 12 yr old's hand) are Syria ( Full Answer )
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Why are syrians protesting?

I will give you three points of view on this, and will allow you to decide who to believe. P.O.V. #1(American/Western Answer)- The Syrian people are oppressed by their dict ( Full Answer )
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Are Syrians Arabs?

Answer 1 Partially . The only real Arabs are those from the Arabian Peninsula. Answer 2 Yes. They are Arabs, not Arabians (which are the "real Arabs" referred to in Answer ( Full Answer )
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Was Jesus Syrian?

No, Jesus the Christ was born a Jew from the tribe of Judah in Bethlehem in Israel.
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What are syrian Jews?

They are Jews whose ancestors dwelt in Syria. Syria had an ancient, continuous Jewish community since the time of King David.
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Who are the Syrians in the Bible?

"Syria" is a translation of the Hebrew "Aram", and refers to aSemitic tribe in Mesopotamia. It shouldn't be confused with "Assyria", a translation of theHebrew "Asshur". Both ( Full Answer )