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What is taboo?

A type of action or behavior that is not approved by the people in a society
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Why is the game Taboo called taboo?

because it is taboo, or against the rules, to say those certain words while describing the first.
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Example of a taboo?

If something is taboo, it means that there are groups or culturesthat frown upon doing that action. For example, in some areas,adultery and smoking are prohibited.
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Can you be taboo in brawl?

Yes. But not without glichting your wii. To play as Tabuu you need the hack system Ocarina. I don't know where or how to download Ocarina. Without Ocarina the answer is no.
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What is Taboo in Judaism?

Nothing is taboo in the sense that it can't be talked about. Judaism has always had a cherished tradition of debate and discussion. In terms of things that are forbidden: J ( Full Answer )
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What are taboos of Buddhism?

Killing any living being Answer: Buddhism doesn't have either must-dos or taboos. The suggestions of the Eightfold Path are just suggestions. Many Buddhists refrain from ( Full Answer )
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Does taboo smoke?

No.None of the Black Eyed Peas smoke anything but Fergie used to be on crystal meth.
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What are the taboos in Colombia?

Making an O.K. sign and then placing it over your nose signifies that someone is a homosexual. Using your two fingers to indicate length of something is an obscene gesture. In ( Full Answer )
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What are taboos in Russia?

The typical workday starts at 9:30am or 10am, lunch at 1pm, tea at 3:30pm . or 4pm, leave 5pm or 6pm. The primetime for radio is 10pm, so Russian are often up late. .
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What is verbal taboo?

A taboo word is one that it is inappropriate to say aloud or to print in a newspaper. These words will vary between cultures or contexts. For example words that you might use ( Full Answer )