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How long does it take to take a shower?

well the regellor time is 15 min Answers tend to indicate that few have ever attended "Boot Camp" where the protocol is somewhat different. From " Reveille" to marching fo ( Full Answer )
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Take it or.?

Leave it. . Leave it. . Leave it. . Leave it. . Leave it. . Leave it.
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Can you take NyQuil if taking Adderall?

Yes you can because it does not have the same ingredient that Tylenol cold does, which acts as a stimulant. I asked my primary care doctor and he said NyQuil PM. is OK while p ( Full Answer )
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Does taking a picture take your soul?

No. Never. Never believe that is true. It's not true. Whoever told you that is lying. There is no possible thing on Earth that could take your soul.
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Can you take Mucinex after taking Adderall?

i think it would depend on the individual.... if the ingredients in mucinex are safe to mix with adderall and whether or not you are actually prescribed adderall or using it r ( Full Answer )
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Can you take anitbiotics taking Methotrexate?

Yes, you can. You will actually be more likely to get infections,and get them worse, when on methotrexate. At some point, you willlikely need antibiotics.