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Are there Mormons in Tonga?

Yes! Actually, Tonga has one of the highest Mormon populations in the world (by percent, not number, since Tonga is quite small). In January 2010, there were 55,173 baptized m (MORE)

Who was the Tui Tonga who started the war between Tonga and Samoa?

Kings of Samoa or the tu'i manu'a both of these islands free itself in order to get revenge back in those days the islands were together until a king or a chief name talakaifa (MORE)
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Who discovered Tonga?

Tonga was discovered by two unnamed Dutch explorers in 1616. However, Dutch trader/explorer Abel Tasman is often given the credit, as he was the first known European to land t (MORE)

What can you do in Tonga?

Anything you want. But in Tonga they have a specific way of showing respect. What puts Tongans apart is that RESPECT for tongans is a big thing. For tongans there are differen (MORE)
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Was Black slaves brought to Tonga?

There actually were African slaves that were brought to Tonga by Germans though not so sure which part of Africa presumably Congo or south Africa from my knowledge pygmies wer (MORE)