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What causes the global trade winds?

The following is an answer I wrote earlier about "prevailing westerlies" in middle latitudes - see if it suits your purposes, or if you need information about something else o (MORE)

Why do westerlies flow from west but trade winds from the east in the northern hemisphere?

Coriolis force and pressure gradient force. There tends to be high pressure around 30 degrees and low pressure at both 60 degrees and the equator. Air flows from high to low, (MORE)

How the trade winds affect the climate?

Trade winds direct the prevailing wind in a somewhat constant direction East across the tropical regions of the globe. The winds affect the amount of moisture an area gets, di (MORE)

How do you find parts for a Trade wind rifle?

Basically, the Tradewinds Husky is an import model of the Husqvarna line of rifles from Sweden. Have a gunsmith compare your rifle to other Husqvarna rifles.
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