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What is Gone With the Wind?

It is an American Classic. The book was written in 1936 by Margaret Mitchell and became an Academy Award winner movie in 1939. Starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable. It still (MORE)

How do you get wind?

we get wind by.....Energy being transformed into electricity when wind moves a turbine and spins a magnet. Now that's how we get energy.

Do wind turbines have to face the wind?

Of course new generation wind turbine has to face wind.The concept of wind turbine is this that wind has kinetic energy, and this energy is converted by WTG by rotary blade in (MORE)

Why re trade winds called trade winds?

They are so named because they were key winds in early sea travel. The "trade" in this case is not about the exchange of goods but rather its etymological predecessor: the Mid (MORE)

Are monsoon winds the strongest winds?

No. A monsoon has more to do with rain than with wind. A monsoon is  a seasonal weather pattern found in some tropical areas in which  most of the rainfall occurs in one sea (MORE)