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What are the trade winds?

The trade winds are the pattern of easterly surface winds found in the tropics near the equator. The trade winds blow predominantly from the northeast and from the southeast. (MORE)
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Do trade winds ever stop?

Trade winds do stop. However, they do not stop for long periods oftime. Trade winds almost always provide a breeze.

Why are trade winds called trade winds?

because the cargo ships in the olden days sailed with help from theses prevailing winds They are so named because they were key winds in early sea travel. The "trade" in t (MORE)

Why are the trade winds so called?

Trade winds Surface air from the horse latitudes that moves back toward the equator and is deflected by the Coriolis Force, causing the winds to blow from the NE in the Nort (MORE)

What types of wind are trade winds?

Trade winds are found in the tropics in the lower section of the troposphere near the Earth's equator. The trade winds blow predominantly from the north-east in the Northern (MORE)