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Is tuvalu sinking?

Yes, Tuvalu is sinking beneath the water surface. However, it is not literally sinking, it is the sea level rising that causes it to 'sink', due to global warming and the melt (MORE)

Why is Tuvalu poor?

Tuvalu has few natural resources or products to export but must import most of the commodities that are needed for everyday life. Their exports of copra and fish generate abou (MORE)

What is Tuvalu like?

A group of nine islands, totalling about 10 square miles and a population of 12,300, Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country (by size) in the world. Its highest elevation is abo (MORE)
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What is the national costume in Tuvalu?

Dances and ceremonies: It mainly consists of 'Ti-ti' which is made from dried coconut leaves that are then colour died in the main colours of red, purple, yellow and with hin (MORE)
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How has climate change affected Tuvalu?

In his presentation to the United Nations General Assembly New York on September 24, 2003, Saufatu Sopoanga, Prime Minister of Tuvalu clearly shows how dire a threat global wa (MORE)

What is the introduction of Tuvalu?

Tuvalu is an independent, constitutional monarchy in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Formerly known as the Ellice Islands, separated from the Gilbert Islands after a referendum i (MORE)