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What is the urogenital sinus?

According to 'Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary' - it is an elongated sac formed by division of the cloaca in the early embryo, communicating with the mesonephric ducts (MORE)
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What is urogenital flora?

Urogenital is defined as relating to the genital and urinaryorgans. Flora is defined as fungi or bacteria found on an organ.

What is mixed urogenital flora?

Mixed urogenital flora indicates contamination of the sample due to improper collection, storage and/or transport techniques. Mixed urogenital flora includes normal skin and/o (MORE)
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What is the function of a pig's urogenital opening?

In both sexes, it's to urinate from. In males, semen is ejaculated through this opening; in females, this also serves as the birth canal, and where the boar inserts his penis (MORE)

What are urogenital problems?

The problem that took place in the urine is urogenital problem Urogenital problems are problems and diseases associated with the Renal tract and the reproductive system
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What muscles form the urogenital diaphragm?

The Pelvis and Perineum are divided by 2 diaphragms 1. pelvic diaphragm made up of levator ani muscles which are attached at perineal body this arrangement is just like diaphr (MORE)