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Can student loan be discharged in bankruptcy?

Although bankruptcy is a genuine path to get out of debt, it leaves a long lasting scar, and comes at a high price financially and emotionally. The financial impact is severe; (MORE)

Are property taxes discharged with bankruptcy?

Property taxes are not in your records so you dont have to worry about them, if your home goes to foreclosure and bank that owns the house will have to pay those taxes if thy (MORE)

What debt cannot be discharged by bankruptcy?

All unsecured Debt may be discharged in chapter 7,(credit cards, personal loans, and others) secured debts (such as car loans and mortgage), and other assets will be taken by (MORE)

Is discharging a battery a chemical change?

Yes. an oxidation - reduction reaction occurs in the battery. any chemical reaction is chemical change
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What can be discharged in bankruptcy?

It's probably easier to list what can't be discharged. In the two types of personal bankruptcy here is a list of what cannot be discharged: In a Chapter 7 case, the most comm (MORE)

Can an Attorney's Lien be discharged in bankruptcy?

Most of the online literature and case law appears to indicate "NO". After some thought about the fact that judgment liens can be discharged in a bankruptcy (though it's not a (MORE)

Can you get Loan when you have been discharged from Bankruptcy?

Yes, you can. You cannot file a chapter 7 again for 8 years and you have only your living expenses and any secured debt. You will be offered credit cards almost immediately. D (MORE)