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Why do you venerate the cross?

Roman Catholic AnswerTo venerate is to show respect for, admiration, awe, etc. It is NOT worship. One venerates the Cross as the way that God chose to accomplish our salvation (MORE)

What does venerate mean?

to regard with reverential respect or with admiring deference to honor (as an icon or a relic) with a ritual act of devotion
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What kind of Doctor treats peripheral artery disease?

Vascular Specialist, also known as a Vascular Surgeon. Although they are referred to as surgeons, they also provide other forms of treatment despite surgery, such as medicatio (MORE)

What type of doctor treats lyme disease?

For early stage Lyme (within a month or so of infection) most good doctors can help you by giving you antibiotics or at the very least they can send you to the appropriate inf (MORE)

What is a doctor called who specializes in diseases?

pathologist     A specialist in pathology; a physician who practices, evaluates, or supervises diagnostic tests, using materials removed from living or dead patients, (MORE)

For what conditions or diseases do doctors prescribe medical marijuana?

Medical Marijuana is prescribed in various diseases like in Cancer,  Brain Trauma, Chronic Pain, Cervical Disk Disease, Cardiac  Conduction disorder,Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, (MORE)

How does Alzheimer's disease affect the body and what are the medications doctors are using for this disease?

    Answer   Please see link at bottom.   Answer   Note: Because someone forgets certain things as they age this does not mean they have on-set dement (MORE)

How do doctors treat disease?

Depends on the disease.   Some can be cured if the doctor give the patient the right  medicine. Some needs surgery. Some can't be cured.
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