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What is Vichy France?

  It was the part of France that was part of the German empire during WW2.
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What is the definition of Vichy France?

  Vichy France is a popular allied propaganda term for France occupied by Nazi Germany from about l940-44. The French did NOT use the term, it was coined by Churchill, it (MORE)

What did Vichy France have to do with World War 2?

  Vichy France was the small puppet state that Germany set up to get France to think they were free. However, this plan back fired as the people of Vichy France rebelled a (MORE)

What happened during Vichy France?

  Answer     Vichy France, or the Vichy regime was the French government of 1940-1944 during the Nazi Germany occupation of World War II, based at and named afte (MORE)

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How do you learn about Maquis propaganda and German Vichy counter-propaganda?

May I respectfully suggest the following: A History of the German Occupation, 1940-44 by David Pryce-Jones New York Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1981 ISBN: 0-03-045621-5 While th (MORE)