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How big are vultures?

Depends on the species, really. Turkey vultures have a wingspan of 5.25 to 6 feet, and weigh around 1.5 to 5 lbs. Black vultures have a 4.5 to 5.5 ft wingspan and weigh around ( Full Answer )
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What do vultures feed on?

Vultures feed on carrion. "carrion" is the name given to dead animals. Vultures do not killthe animals themselves, but when an animal dies or was killed bysome other animal, ( Full Answer )
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Will a vulture eat another vulture?

Yes Most carrion eaters will eat off the dead of their own species. To a vulture, dead meat is just another meal. innit bruv
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Do vultures eat vultures?

Vultures will not eat the dead of their species. In fact, dead vulture carcasses are used to deter colonies of vultures from area where they should not be.
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What is the Latin for vulture?

Vulture . Latin name: Vultur. Other names: Vautour, Voltoir, Voltour, Votoir. The vulture is a slow-flying bird that eats corpses ...
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How did the vulture get the name?

The vulture got its name from an old building. This is because the first vulture was found there.
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What do vultures prey on?

Vultures and most carrion birds have an acute sense of smell. They use this ability to locate dead prey at long range which forms their basic diet. As a side note; Vultures h ( Full Answer )
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Are there vultures in Mississippi?

Yes. There are two types. The Black Vulture and Turkey Vulture. The former has a black head and the latter has a red head.
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What are vulture?

Vultures are large birds that feed primarily on carrion (deadanimals). They are typically bald (no fur on their heads/faces)because it prevents them from catching bacteria/dis ( Full Answer )