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How many layers can a wedding cake be?

A wedding cake can be as many layers or tiers as the bride and groom want it to be. Usually lager bottom tiers have 2 layers to them, while higher smaller tiers have only a si (MORE)

Why are cakes used for wedding cakes and birthday cakes?

Until recently, the necessary sugar, eggs and other ingredients required to bake a cake were fairly expensive and regarded as luxuries by most people. Cakes also required time (MORE)

What does the wedding cake cutting signifies?

The significance of the cake cutting ceremony is symbolic as the first task the newlyweds execute together. The groom will feed the bride her first bite and then the bride wil (MORE)

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What is the wedding cake for?

  It's for during the wedding reception to celebrate the bride and groom on their wedding day.
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Why do you have cakes at a wedding?

It's just another wedding tradition. If you don't want a cake, you  can have wedding cupcakes.
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What is the meaning of slicing the cake in the wedding?

The wedding celebration would not be complete if you didn't include  this tradition in your list. :) As a wedding consultant, it is a  must for you to include this in your l (MORE)