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How many layers can a wedding cake be?

A wedding cake can be as many layers or tiers as the bride and groom want it to be. Usually lager bottom tiers have 2 layers to them, while higher smaller tiers have only a si (MORE)

Do you eat the fondant on the wedding cake?

Yes. Fondant has a very interesting texture and the few times I have had it its been very interesting. The kind i had was almond flavored and was very nice.   I see no reas (MORE)

Why are cakes used for wedding cakes and birthday cakes?

Until recently, the necessary sugar, eggs and other ingredients required to bake a cake were fairly expensive and regarded as luxuries by most people. Cakes also required time (MORE)

Meaning of slicing of wedding cake?

It has taken on different meanings over time to different people. But usually it is believed to have to do something along the lines of representing that the man and woman ar (MORE)