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What is a island?

A small piece of land surrounded on all sides by water. Islands can  be found in the ocean and in lakes. Islands can be formed by  splitting off from the mainland or by a di (MORE)

Was Coney Island ever an island?

Yes, Coney Island was once an island. Now it is a peninsula. It was only separated from the rest of Long Island by a narrow creek, called Coney Island Creek. The center of the (MORE)

Is Long Island an island?

Long Island (New York) is a true island, although it is connected to the mainland by man-made bridges (9) and tunnels (13, including rail and transit).
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What is an island?

  A landform that is entirely surrounded by water, be it a river, lake, or ocean.      
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Can you drive from Island to Island in Hawaii?

If you are the proud owner of an Amphibious Tractor and can afford the fuel costs it could be done, but it would be cheaper to take a plane.
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What do you do on the secret island on Skullduggery Island?

Once you defeat Captain Crawfish, and collect all five map pieces, you can go to the new island (Skullduggery) and dig up the buried treasure. Before you have done these two t (MORE)
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How many islands in Cook Islands?

There are 15 islands: seven low-lying, almost deserted islands and atolls in the northern Cook Islands and eight elevated and fertile islands in the southern Cook Islands, whi (MORE)

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What island was after skullduggery island on Poptropica?

Skullduggery island was the 13th Poptropica island, released on June 17, 2010. Steamworks Island will be the 14th island in Poptropica, due on September 9, 2010. (the perio (MORE)