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Who is the best boxer of all time?

The best boxer of all time is a man called Sugar Ray Robinson, many adapted from his style which is so unique and well used today such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis Floyd Mayweat (MORE)
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Who is the best boxer that ever lived?

I would say Salvador Sanchez Or Julio Cesar Chaves Two of the very best Mexican legends no need to be racist they can actually beat you really hard but i would say that if Sal (MORE)

925 stamp on inside of a ring?

  925 represents the amount of silver in the ring - which is consider almost pure silver.   silver is soft so alloys are added to harden it and that .75   100% (MORE)
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Why is a boxing ring called a boxing ring if it's square?

In the early days of professional fist fighting, groups of fighters would travel from town to town challenging the local men. The fighters would arrange some of the spectators (MORE)
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Who was the best boxer ever lived?

The best Boxer who ever lived is Rocky Marciano. Undefeated with the highest KO ratio in the history of Boxing. Marciano had his own style and beat the best. Unfortunately he (MORE)

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