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Who were Abbot and Costello?

Those guys were a riot - great comiedians! Check out this link to see/hear their (probably) most famous skit: "Who's on first?" Pay attention to the opening words and the word (MORE)
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What is feminine of abbot?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. Englishuses gender specific nouns for male or female. . The noun for a male is abbot. The noun for a female is abbess .

Who is Abbot Probus?

In 600, Pope Gregory the Great commissioned the Ravennate AbbotProbus, who was before Gregory's emissary at the Lombard court, tobuild a hospital in Jerusalem to treat and car (MORE)

What are Medieval abbots?

Abbots were the highest grade within the monastic system, answering directly to the Pope. In England Abbots were generally appointed by the king but with input from the monks (MORE)

Who is an abbot?

He is the head of a monastery or convent. A female abbot is an abbess, she is the head and leader of a convent or monastery for nuns.
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What is the oposite of abbot?

The word abbot does not have an opposite. The word abbess, if thatis what you have in mind, is not an antonym of abbot.