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Is it true that prisoners attack child abusers?

Yes, such people are considered worse than the regular criminal, along with rapists and those that killed innocent women and children. Upright men of character have to do so (MORE)

Did President Obama sign an order to close a prison due to alleged abuses and use of torture?

Yes, but it could not be implemented. President Obama signed an order to close the Guantanamo prison due to alleged abuses and use of torture. Unfortunately, congress refused (MORE)

What is prison?

prison is a building where people go when the committe a crime, you can go to jail for 2 hours to a life time, depending on a crime you committed. if you committe murder its 1 (MORE)

When did US troops take over Abu Ghraib prison?

  After the fall of the Iraqi regime, U.S. troops arrived at Abu Ghraib Prison on or around the 22nd of April, 2003.
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Why are animals tortured?

because its funny Animals are tortured because of several possible reasons. They could be tortured because it is funny to some people and because they may be used for the test (MORE)

How was the US treatment of German and Japanese prisoners in World War 2 different from Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib?

 Answer   As a general rule, the United States treats its prisoners well. Generally the reason behind this policy is that you want to encourage your enemy to surrender (MORE)

Is it true that 84 percent of prison inmates were abused as children?

A website run by the Baltimore County police department says so. However, they cited no study, nor have I found one to back their assertion. Nor do they distinguish between (MORE)

Why do they get abused?

Usually its because the abuser sees them as weak or even just as an  object not as a person. Also because they have some sort of trust  with the person or because they don't (MORE)

Was Hitler tortured?

It depends on what you mean. If you're talking about "what Hitler tortured when he died," then the answer is no. Hitler supposedly killed himself with a tablet and a gun to th (MORE)