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How do you download itunes to your acer aspire 1 laptop?

The Acer Aspire 1 runs on Linux operating system and Apple does not  make a Linux compatible version of i-Tunes. You can however  download i-Tunes if you use a Linux program (MORE)

How reliable is an Acer laptop?

Acer laptops are known to be well made and reliable. With all of the different customization options out there and the wide variety of materials that the laptop casing is desi (MORE)
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How do you take a screenshot with an Acer iconia?

Acer produce 7 different kinds of tablet; Iconia W7, Iconia W4,  Iconia A1, Iconia B1, Iconia A3, Iconia A and Iconia One 7. To take  a screen shot hold down the on/off swit (MORE)

Is a acer laptop a mac or a PC?

Any computer made by any manufacter other than Apple is a PC.Although a Mac can be called a PC or personnel computer. Apple isthe only company producing Mac computers. Mac Lap (MORE)

How do you make your Acer computer faster?

You should do regular system maintenance job such as disk defragment, disk cleaning, remove programs in the control panel and remove any programs you no longer want, clean tho (MORE)

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How do you tell if Acer mic is on or off?

This should b shown on the Audio Control Panel (same as on all  computers running Windows).
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